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Here's our pick of the 5 Must-Dos:

  1. Party Bus - the best way to get from A-Z for a larger group (10+ ppl.). The bus is equipped with a powerful sound system and completely non-transparent windows for a private party. Drinks, dancers, strippers can make this cruise into a wild ride.

  1. Beer Bike - Drink beers, pedal a weird contraption through narrow streets of Riga Old Town and laugh your ass off, that's all it is.

  1. Quad Biking - Cool way to explore Latvian thick forest scenery. No experience required, we'll give you anything needed for a safe ride.

  1. Bobsledding - around 1h away from Riga is an Olympic caliber Bobsleigh track. Depending on the season you'll have different vehicles to choose for your ride, the fastest of them peak at over 60 MPH / 100 km/h

  1. Go-Kart racing - it's just good-old competitive fun. The season doesn't matter here as there are indoor and outdoor tracks available. Some tracks even offer winter rides in the snow.

There are a lot of activities that rival each and every one of the above activities, but the list is composed of objective picks based on what has been the most popular and highest regarded activities in Riga for the past 8 years.

Hope this gives you some ideas for your own party in Riga. We'll help you with the planning - or call +371 22188100

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