3 Different Stag Do Party Plans

To plan a great Stag Do party you need to understand the participants and make sure everyone gets pushed a little outside of their comfort zone, but not too much. It's always a good idea to mix things up and try an activity that's something new for most of you.

The Lineup:

The Active Lads
These are sort of chaps that combine around 10'000 fistbumps during a Stag Do weekend. Very competitive in nature and loud, but very fun. The Active Lads mostly go for Go-Kart racing, Beer Bike, Paintball, Bobsledding, Shooting, Enduro Biking, etc.

The Leisure Crowd
A group of guys that really don't want to rush anything. They don't just want to drink the beer, they want to know how it's made and when is the best moon cycle for the barley harvest. These fellows enjoy having a private party on a boat, clay pigeon shooting, one of Riga's escape rooms, etc. This crowd usually has a soft spot for good food. Riga's rich food scenery will not disappoint.

The Party Bunch
These are the no-nonsense, shiny haircut having sharp dressers who party as it's the last party in this dimension. These Stag Do participants often experience a condition called Bad Hangover. Their favorite go-to’s are Party Bus, boat party, pub crawl, beer yoga for curing the condition and other stuff. A lot of these often include dancing girls.

There are no 2 Stag Do parties/weekends that are the same. It's time to create as many memories as possible.

We can help you with your Stag Do party in Riga. Send us an email [email protected] or call +371 22188100 and we'll happily help with suggestions and most importantly book everything for you.
Please note that sharing details like the number of participants, date, visit duration are very important to prepare the most relevant party plan for you.